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M.A Students

Danielle Dahan Golan

I have a B.A in education and human services from Tel Hai academic collage, and currently I'm a student for learning disabilities evaluation and remediation in Haifa University.

In my thesis work I am focusing on the effects of presentation mode on reading performances, on self-perceptions as a confidence rating and calibration, and on Meta cognitive judgements as JOL of children in fifth and sixth grade.

In these days I'm working as a remedial teacher in a special education elementary school in Tel Aviv.

Thesis Title:

The effects of presentation mode on reading performances, confidence ratings and JOLs of fifth and sixth grade children.

Tal Erez-Hod

I have a B.A. degree in Social Sciences from Bar-Ilan University and a Teaching Certification for Special Education from Gordon College of Education. I am now completing a M.A. degree at Haifa University, in diagnosis and treatment of learning disabilities in children and adults. As part of my studies, I am conducting a study for my thesis under the supervision of my advisors, Prof. Tami Katzir and Dr. Bat-Sheva Hadad. The thesis examines the deficit in naming speed as an indicator of general speed of processing, and as a potential basis for higher-order difficulties not just in reading, but also in reading emotional expressions in faces. Along with my studies, I currently work at a diagnosis center for students with learning disabilities in higher education.

Thesis Title:

The effects of fluency deficits on face recognition and emotional processing in adults with and without dyslexia.

Tal Rand-Koltin

I have a B.A in psychology, and a teaching certificate for special education. Currently I am a third year M.A student, studying for my masters in Learning Disabilities. In the last year my main occupation includes practicing remedial math, reading and writing skills with children who struggle in these subjects. I also partake in assessing and diagnosing learning disabilities among children, in the university’s learning disabilities clinic.

Thesis Title

Reading mindset- Mindset as related to RC and RC metacognition.

The main focus of my thesis is to examine the relationship between mindset (Mueller &Dweck, 1998) and RC, and also between mindset and metacognition. Data has been gathered and the project is currently in progress.

Ady Shechter

I have a B.A. in Counseling & Development of the human-being and Special Education from Haifa University, and I am a master's student in Learning Disability evaluation and remediation from Haifa University. I have worked in several tutoring and educationalsettings in the Haifa region. In addition, I have worked as a research assistant at a laboratory in the Education Faculty and currently I work as an ISF research coordinator.

Thesis title:

A Developmental Examination of The Underlying Constructs of Fluency: Examining the Role of Linguistic and Cognitive Components.

Shahar Dotan

I have a B.A. In Psychology and Counseling and human devolvement from University of Haifa. Currently I am a Master's student in the department of Learning Disabilities, specializing in evaluating and remediating children's, adolescents' and adults' learning skills. I have worked as a research assistant in cognitive and developmental psychology laboratories, and for the past two years I have been working as a pedagogical developer of the "'OR' Intervention Program", designed to improve first and second graders' literacy, cognitiveand emotional skills surrounding learning.

Thesis title:

It's not just About the Reader: Does Increased Inter-letter Spacing Improve Reading Performance?